Jack Eichel confident on career upturn after injury woes

The NHL can be one of the most physically demanding sports leagues in the world to play in. Those who have enjoyed long careers on the ice tend to find themselves facing all manner of physical maladies as they age and grow. However, one player who has seen more injuries than most is Jack Eichel. The current Vegas Golden Knights player has been through injury hell, currently recovering from a neck surgery process that was needed.

However, as is typical with the No. 2 pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, Eichel is confident of not only returning, but improving upon his game. At only 25, there is clearly room for development on the ice and Eichel looks set to get that improvement out of himself. Having missed out on the Stanley Cup Playoffs when he was part of the Buffalo Sabres, Eichel was clear he wanted to finally experience postseason hockey.

The move to a team that has been part of the playoff picture since 2018, then, seems like a logical move. Knights fans are obviously excited about landing the talented center, who is recovering from a herniated disk. However, with his injury issues building up and often focused on the kind of long-term injuries that can hurt a players development, some fans are worried. Have the Knights overcommitted in this deal?

However, a player who has consistently reached high scoring and assist numbers feels more is set to come. At a press conference discussing his recovery and future, Eichel was very positive about what the future is going to hold.

What did Jack Eichel say about his injury issues?

Eichel was present on Monday to speak about his physical condition and also his game development. With so many injuries, and such a serious injury in particular, fans were eager to know what the next step in development is. When quizzed about if there was more to come, Eichel said: “I think I’ve got a lot more. I think I’m only scratching the surface.

“Yeah, I think the season a couple years ago, I think that that was sort of the start of the way that I want to make an impact. Coming in here there’s some really good hockey players, and I think this kind of environment, the culture here, is only going to push me to become better.”

He was also asked about what his motivation levels were like given his injuries. On that, he noted: “I think there’s a lot more in me, and this is about as motivated as I’ve been. I think there’s a lot of people out there that may be doubting me or don’t think I’m going to get back to the form I was in, so look forward to putting all the doubts to rest and getting back to the level that I believe I can play.”

So, this sounds like a player who is almost certain he will be back as good as new – if not better – in the near future. Given the sheer level of physicality in the league, body confidence is essential. Eichel, then, sounds ready to move on from his injury hell and to find a new level of performance.

Nuno Espirito Santo needs a result against West Ham United

Hired in the summer as one of several choices look at by Tottenham, Nuno Espirito Santo is clearly a good man. In his time at Wolverhampton, the Portuguese built up a strong reputation at the club and was also a force in the local community. Having arrived at Wolves as a project builder who was arguably out of their usual catchment, though, he had time to build something genuine at Molineux.

Fans were keen to see something come to life that would be impressive and were thus patient. Tottenham fans, though, have seen a golden era slip through their fingers with Mauricio Pochettino.

The wasted time with Jose Mourinho is one thing, but some fans worry a second season is being wasted with Nuno. The coach is clearly a poor fit for the playing staff he has, and his attitude so far has bordered on moody at times. Clearly, the Portuguese feels the pressure and the relative lack of warmth that his appointment was greeted with. The fact his contract comes with a break clause after one year says a lot more than perhaps the club thought it would.

This is clearly a project that is not working at the moment, and the coach could already be moving towards the sack. Dreadful results have come in bunches, and a shock loss to Vitesse in the UEFA Conference League was only overshadowed by ex-coach Mourinho being thumped 6-1 in the same competition.

Nuno, then, needs a win this weekend. It does not matter how it arrives, but beating old rival West Ham United is absolutely essential. The Hammers beat a good Genk side 3-0 in the UEFA Europa League, and also won at Everton in their previous match.

Can Tottenham and Nuno turn things around?

A win against the Hammers would at least be a big name scalp to add to the list. West Ham have become a really successful team and unit under David Moyes, and it appears that they are in a far more harmonious place than Spurs are. Derailing that feel-good factor and taking points off a likely rival for European qualification would be a huge step forward for a team that appears to be going in the wrong direction.

Though he was never the #1 choice for anyone, the mood music around Nuno’s arrival set in tone a fatalistic feel that has bled into the season. The coach clearly feels the pressure and the lack of respect for his previous work, and lacks the same comfort he had at Wolves. Spurs fans are sick of seeing seasons wasted, though, with every season since the 2018-19 season a major letdown so far.

Therefore, expect to see Spurs make a quick decision if things keep going wrong. Another poor result at the weekend, though, could already derail the Nuno project before it even has a chance to grow to anything like the size his Wolves project was allowed to.

Eberechi Eze opens up injury progress and future plans at Crystal Palace

As a South Londoner himself, Eberechi Eze will be under no illusions about the quality of Crystal Palace. A community club with a strong connection to the local area, there are many players who have worn the blue and red of Palace who are from the area. Eze, then, joins a long list of players who have done a fantastic job representing the community and the area of the city. At only 23, he has the world at his feet: struggles to make it in the senior game eventually changed when Queens Park Rangers offered him a chance.

Ben Chilwell set for Chelsea return after draining season

Signed as one of the many young players brought in by Frank Lampard as part of his UK revolution at Chelsea, Ben Chilwell enjoyed a tough first season at Chelsea. The player started well under Frank Lampard, before enduring a tough drop-off in form prior to the former Blues manager being sacked. The arrival of Thomas Tuchel seen Chilwell adopt his spot as a left-sided wing-back, but the player has not been seen a single time so far this season.

Atalanta set to keep hold of Slovenian playmaker Josip Ilicic

As one of the most underrated players in Europe, Josip Ilicic is a player with a growing fanbase. The player has played for various clubs in Serie A, but has shone spectacularly for both Fiorentina and Atalanta. His time in Bergamo, though, is arguably the most impressive peak of his career. The Slovene has been one of the best playmakers in the Italian game for several years, and dovetailed perfectly with Alejandro Gomez and Duvan Zapata. However, for much of the last year, there has been talk that Ilicic would leave.

Atalanta not keen on Tottenham Hotspur double deal

As one of the most intelligent clubs in Europe when it comes to player trading and development, Atalanta are an inspiration to many. The Bergamo-based club are by no means a big ticket within Italian football historically, but the last decade has been one to remember for all Atalanta fans. However, the challenge of being a smaller club that reaches the latter stages of European competition means putting up with big clubs circling like vultures for top talent. The latest club to see Atalanta as a happy hunting ground is Tottenham Hotspur.

With Fabio Paratici – a keen fan of the Atalanta system when he was at Juventus – now playing a key role at Spurs, moves for Italian-based talent can seem very logical indeed. The arrival of Pierluigi Gollini to provide cover and competition to Hugo Lloris is one thing; the arrival of a second Atalanta player in Cristian Romero is seen as unlikely.

The club are not keep on selling too many players, having had to contend with major transfers every summer since they started to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The signing of Romero has only just been rubber-stamped in Bergamo, too, with the player arriving on a loan from Juventus before signing for a €15m fee.

Reports in England, though, suggest that the player has now agreed terms with Spurs and is pushing the club to make the deal happen. La Dea, though, want at least €50m to release the player – a fee that Spurs are simply not willing to pay. With the defender playing a key role in Argentina winning the Copa America as well as enjoying a stunning season at club level, it is clear to see why Atalanta are reticent to do a deal for a player they see as a major part of their future.

Will Atalanta sell Cristian Romero?

Sky Italia football expert Gianluca Di Marzio has confirmed that Spurs are truly interested and have made bids for ‘Cuti’, but are nowhere near agreeing a fee that Atalanta are happy to accept. Given the player has arrived for a large fee by their typically smaller standards, Atalanta want to make sure they get back tremendous value on a player they feel they bought for a very undervalued price.

Signed as a project, Romero soon became a key part of the team last year and played a critical role in their continued progress in Europe as well as domestic qualification for the UEFA Champions League. As such, it is expected that Atalanta will look to make some big changes this summer by keeping a few of their major names whilst selling only those who they get the best fees for.

With Spurs notorious for haggling, then, it is not expected that they will agree the fee that Atalanta would want for a player whom they see as a cornerstone for next season. At the moment, the deal is not likely to happen for two Atalanta players, having already provided Spurs a great deal on Gollini.

Lautaro Martinez pulls out of Internazionale contract talks, expected to leave

Signed from Racing Club as a prodigious young talent, Lautaro Martinez soon showed European football what everyone else had missed out on. A talented finisher with both feet and in the air, Martinez is also a forward who knows how to combine play and to work an opposing defence. He’s a talented striker, and has been taken into the hearts of Inter fans around the world for his dagger-between-the-teeth style of play. However, his adventure in Italy might be ending after two and a half years – contract talks have been cancelled with Inter.

The striker was expected to sign new terms, warding off interest from Spain and England. However, with Antonio Conte exiting and Inter making clear they need to raise funds, Martinez might be a marquee name sacrificed. Alongside Achraf Hakimi, the duo are expected to be the two most likely exits as Inter readjust to their new financial reality. Martinez, it was hoped, would sign a new deal to stay for one more year and then be sold for a premium fee. Now, Inter will need to facilitate a sale this summer – with Atletico Madrid the most intrigued.

Why has Lautaro Martinez ended contract talks with Inter?

The player, who scored 19 goals and set up 11 more, was a key contributor to an Inter side who won the Scudetto title. However, an exit has been on the cards ever since the player arrived. Links with Barcelona and Real Madrid have long existed, with it expected that Martinez will make an exit this summer. His agent, Alejandro Camano, told Sport: “We are very calm, we have to resolve the Inter situation first, but of course he would like to join Barcelona. Who would not like to play for Barcelona? It is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“I do not know what happened last year with Lauti, he told me that his former agent had told him about Barça, but it was all so confusing. Our job now is to know the situation of the Inter project and listen the offers that are arriving. We are fine as we are. We’ll see. Inter have offered us a new contract, but for now, we’re fine as we are.”

This makes it hard to see the player sticking around. With Inter in need of funds ASAP, a quick sale this summer for a high fee could give the club the funds it needs to make some squad changes. At the same time, though, there will be hope of a bidding war. Teams in England are believed to be interested in making a deal happen, with Chelsea and Liverpool keen. There quite many young talents in Chelsea, like Billy Gilmour and Callum Hudson-Odoi are one of them. In Spain, both Madrid giants and Barcelona hold a long-term interest. There are in-depth articles can be found online regarding mentioned soccer players. If you like such a read you can visit site Churchofedge to find profile articles and more.

Talk of a move to Atletico, though, is built upon the concept that Inter can make the deal work financially. With the hope that they can secure a favourable deal via a bidding war, it will be interesting to see what happens next. Can Inter scrape together the funds they need to make a positive change to the team after all?

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