Sports betting to win By Steve Ward

Sports betting to win By Steve Ward

About the author: Steve Ward is a trader, performance and psychology coach, trainer and consultant.  He has worked with elite athletes and teams in over 30 sports, financial traders, sports traders, poker players and business leaders. Steve co-managed a large team of over 40 professional traders in London and is a regular trainer at the London Stock Exchange.
Steve Ward is also an author of ‘High-Performance Trading’ and ‘TraderMind’.

A brief review of the book: Amazing book for beginners and powerful reminder to advanced bettors – every chapter is very clear and even experienced traders can refresh their knowledge and have to agree that book is spot on. Most of the information is so obvious, but punters just forget to follow.

In this book you will find 10 keys to disciplined and profitable sports betting:

  • What is correct mindset
  • What is betting motivation
  • How to develop a betting plan/strategy
  • Why it is important to evaluate your betting
  • How to make rational decisions
  • How to control loss chasing
  • How to control your betting frequency
  • How to manage your emotions
  • How to deal with losing streaks
  • Why it is important continual improvement and learning

Personal opinion about the book: Can’t recommend enough! Really good learning material. After each chapter, you will find few questions, how this applies to you and what actions you can take to improve your betting skills.

The book is also full of quotes of famous betting/trading people like Peter Webb (founder of Bet Angel tool), Pete Nordsted and others and gives you a good idea for the future reads.

Price: the price at the moment around 12 euros and it is worth every cent you pay!

5/5 – it will be difficult to find better book regarding psychological/emotional part of betting, explained in such a simple and easily understandable way. Great value for your money.
Check used books section – you might find it even cheaper but still great quality.
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