Pinnacle - must have for serious punter

Pinnacle – must have for serious punter

Pinnacle was founded in 1998 and it is one of the biggest online bookmakers. They are based in Curacao. While most of the information about company’s turnover is kept secret, I am pretty sure we are speaking about billions of euros/dollars.
When Pinnacle started trading they chose a different strategy than most bookmakers – instead of offering bonuses to new customers, Pinnacle chose reduced margin (high prices) strategy attracting new customers which worked very well.
Pinnacle was one of the first starting offering markets for esports. Latest novelty – in 2016 they started offering drone racing odds. Not sure if we have drone racing fans/experts here, but you can check on youtube what is drone racing. Pretty cool.
They are one of a few rare company’s which are not limiting your account. For sure if you are sharp on some specific league they will mark your account and adjust prices according to your betting. But they will let you bet and won’t limit your account. That’s why if you are considering yourself serious bettor Pinnacle account is a must for you.
Limits. Pinnacle keeps one of the highest limits on the market. On the match day limits are increased even higher. What is even better, you can place max stake bet, the bet is accepted, price moves down 2-5 cents and you can place another max bet, bet accepted, price moves down – if you are still happy with the odds, you can place another bet.
For example, even on Swedish basketball league, which is considered low-level league (because lines are moving quite a lot in this league) on spreads or totals you can place 360 euros per bet. Austrian basketball (not much better level) – spreads and totals more than 1000 euros and so on. Top basketball leagues or football have even higher limits. You need to keep in mind that total markets have smaller limits, because this is more volatile market and bookies are a bit afraid to take same stakes on totals as on spreads.
During American football Super Bowl game – so called best priced up game in the world, max stake from my account on spreads was 140 000 euros (seems decent limit, to say the least). On totals max stake was around 60k.
Margins. What is margin? Click here if you still don’t know it. For the ones who knows we can continue – 2-way markets are usually priced up at 102% margin, which is a great payout.
Small example:
You bet at bet365 100 [email protected] (109% margin) on the spread on Swedish basketball.
Same 100 euros you can place at [email protected] odds (depends on the flip).
If you lose, you lose the same 100 euros.
If you win, Pinnacle will pay out 7-12 euros more than bet365. And this is just 1 bet. During the whole year, you might place 1000, even 10 000 bets – depending on your style and betting connections. Even with stakes of 5-10 euros you are losing hundreds not taking best possible odds. Always shop around and take the best odds. It will make a huge difference in the end of the year.
Remember, most average bookmakers will offer top prices only on top level leagues, while on Pinnacle you will always have highest prices on lower level leagues too.

Market set. If you are looking for a huge market set and every game in the world – Pinnacle is not for you. You will not find here some low-level leagues or markets like correct score, first team to score, time of first goal and etc.
The market set is basic – match winner, Asian handicap and totals (for the game and team).
If you want to bet on Bahrain football live or basketball live – Pinnacle is not for you. Most top football games are covered live, basketball live markets are opened only during breaks between quarters – but just the main markets.
Pinnacle is a bookmaker which is the best for prematch betting. Live football betting is decent for top leagues.
Even if you will not open an account, you must visit Pinnacle – they have one of the best article collection about betting. It is called Betting Resources. Check it out here

Recommended: for all punters (stake from 1 euro to thousands). Never heard anyone complaining about not paying out or voiding bets without reason. Reliable and trustworthy bookmaker.
Bad news: Pinnacle is not accepting customers from UK and USA. Recently customers were restricted from Poland and the Czech Republic. If you happen to be from Poland or Czech – please check here. I have some good news for you.
Deposits: Skrill, Neteller and other usual methods (free)
Withdrawals: Skrill, Neteller and other usual methods – 12 euros (but you have 1 free withdrawal per month which should be enough).

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