Sportmarket - 11 top bookmakers in one place

Sportmarket – 11 top bookmakers in one place

First of all, you need to know that Sportmarket is not a usual bookmaker. It is a broker service. The company is owned by Per Hildebrand who is well known in betting and poker circles. He founded his first company “24h poker” in 2000 and started to build his own poker software. Sportmarket was established in 2004 and in the beginning, was dealing only with big bettors (from 10 000 euros turnover per month). Now it is affordable for most punters staking from 25 euros per bet.

Sportmarket is dealing only with reliable and legal bookmakers which will never limit you. Asian bookmakers base their betting business on volume. They would rather turnover billions with 2-3% profit margin compared to European bookmakers who try to squeeze 7-8% from lower turnover. That’s why European bookmakers are limiting customers and Asians try to mark winning customers, accept their bets and update the odds. Yes, they are using winning customers but never limit them. Sportmarket is acting as a broker – they get a small commission from turnover (not from profit). So, they don’t care if you lose or win. Actually, for them is even better if you will be winning. Winning customers turnover bigger amounts than losing ones.

The joy and benefit of this account are undisputable. From your account, you will have access to 11 top bookmakers: Pinnacle, Sbobet, IBC, ISN, Singbet, Galaxybet, Matchbook, Betfair, Betdaq, MMMbet, CMDbet. One account, one transfer and you have access to 11 top bookmakers in the world. Also, you will benefit from lower commission rates at Betfair/Matchbook/Betdaq (with Sportmarket is 2.0-2.5%).

Having this account, you will see straight away how much money you can place. For example, you want to bet on English FA Cup final. You can pick the highest odds at any of bookmakers on the list.


  • Account is free of charge
  • Highest possible limits
  • Bets are placed automatic at the bookie with the best odds
  • One account with access to 8 top bookmakers
  • Internal file with all your bets recorded, which you can filter any way you want – by date, by market type, by sport.
  • Minimum deposit or withdrawal is 250 euros/pounds/dollars.
  • Minimum stake per bet is 25 euros.
  • Combo bets are not accepted.
  • Skrill or Neteller deposit or withdrawal cost minimum 10 euros (or 1% fee). You won’t be able to deposit and withdraw money daily/weekly like with most European bookmakers free of charge. On the other hand, a couple of bets at highest odds will cover that 10 euro charge straight away.
  • Bank deposits and withdrawals are free of charge though from European countries (you only pay a couple of euros fee to your bank for the transfer, Sportmarket will not charge you for this transaction). Payments should be sent to Bank of Valletta (Sportmarket is based in Malta too) and are safe. For more detailed information, please contact me directly. I am using Sportmarket for a couple of years and never had any issues.

To use a Sportmarket account you will be asked to send a copy of your ID and proof of address straight away. After that, you won’t be bothered and can focus on your betting.

Unfortunately, customers residing in UK, France and USA are not accepted because of gambling legacy in mentioned countries. But UK, French and USA citizens residing in any other country with proof of address are welcome.

If you are serious about betting this is top notch service for you. I can’t recommend enough. And if you keep on reading my blog, you will notice that I will recommend only top stuff.

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