Soccermatics By David Sumpter

Soccermatics By David Sumpter

About the author: David Sumpter is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. Born in London, but raised in Scotland, he studied at Manchester and Oxford before heading to Sweden.
A brief review of the book: It is one of the latest better-known books related to betting. The book was released in 2016 and well accepted by betting community.
Soccermatics brings football and mathematics together. The book is full of different charts: of Barcelona’s attacking structure to teams goals expectations based on passing, shots on target and off target.
Personal opinion about the book: According to author’s words he never gambled before. But as he was working on this book he decided to have a challenge – to make money on betting doing it only based on stats and not emotions. So, he created a couple of different models and tested them. He also added “Expert tipster” and “Ask my wife” models. Probably it was the most interesting part of the book. A couple of ideas which can be used practically.
Overall I had to skip few pages as sometimes it was just too boring to read about Juventus tactical defensive or Pirlo’s passing schemes during European Championship semifinals. I can’t really see how I can use it in betting.
As the author is a mathematician and not person from the gambling world I found it a bit plain and only half book related to betting. Another part was a bit boring.
Can not say that this book was one of the best I have read but it gave me few ideas and if you can take at least something from the book, time was not wasted. Even I skipped few pages, for sure some information was useful and interesting.

Price: It will cost you around 12 euros.

3 / 5 – not the top book on my list, but worth to check. Seems that it was quite popular and a book which I have with the red cover was sold out already. Still, you can get a new release with new cover below.
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