Trading Bases By Joe Peta

Trading Bases By Joe Peta

About author: Joe Peta is American ex-Wall Street trader. After losing his job during the financial crisis in 2011 and at the same time recovering after a serious car accident, he decided to follow his dream and focus on his favorite sport – baseball.
A brief review about the book: Being passionate about baseball and having big experience in finance market author created baseball betting model.

If we believe his words in the first year he managed to make 41% return on investment (not yield) which is amazing stats betting on American sports. In the book, he explains how the model was created using previous seasons stats, which parameters were most important and how he managed his bankroll.
Being ex-Wall Street trader he uses his experience in sports trading/betting – both areas are closely related: risk management, search for value and decision making.
Personal opinion about the book: I am not interested or very familiar with baseball so I was a bit hesitant before purchasing this book. Sometimes author was going a bit too much into historic baseball games or players I never heard of before, but it is obvious – the book is written by a passionate baseball fan. He never mentioned stakes he was placing and who was accepting his bets – casinos or offshore bookmakers as betting is illegal in most of the USA.
I bought this book expecting to improve my knowledge about betting models and how they are created. I wouldn’t create it myself after reading this book as a lot of stats and numbers involved and you need serious mathematical skills, but my overall knowledge about it increased for sure and I enjoyed reading the book.
Price: at the moment you can find this book for less than 10 euros, which is really good value for money.

4 / 5 – not being baseball fan myself I enjoyed the book. It won’t be the life changing book for your personal betting, but you will learn a thing or two. If you are a baseball fan or baseball punter for sure worth to read.

Always check used books section – you can get a perfect quality book for few euros!
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