The Smart Money by Michael Konik

The Smart Money by Michael Konik

Full name of the book is – The smart money: How the world’s best sports bettors beat the bookies out of millions.
About the author: Michael Konik is American author, television personality, poker and blackjack player.
A brief review of the book: this is memoir book. Michael Konik was approached by Rick Matthews in 1997. Rick Matthews is most famous American gambler who won millions from American casinos betting on sports.
Gambling is illegal in most American states, that’s why only casinos are accepting wagers legally. Rick Matthews was one of the first who started to bet using computers. Uploading and analyzing data was a new approach and it gave him an edge against bookmakers. He reached such point that most of the bookmakers were not accepting his bets, that’s why he needed new people to place bets for him. Rick’s Matthews betting syndicate was called Brain Trust and Michael Konik was only one of his soldiers. Rick’s Matthews business reached such heights that 20 000 USD bet on a single game was considered not worth the time. He was looking for places which would accept 100k+ bets.

You will find stories about endless trips to Las Vegas, how casinos are treating their best customers (best customers, of course, the losers), some dark side stories too. Michael also had some trips to the Caribbean looking for offshore bookmakers. A lot of information about amounts placed and won. We do like to count others people money, isn’t it?

Personal opinion about the book: It is more adventure book than learning material. Obviously, for me, it was very interesting to find out about Las Vegas structure, how they operate. Even the events in this book are 20 years old, the book is amazing. I never read the book twice, but for sure I will read this book again soon.

Even I mentioned that this book is not learning material, it is useful for your overall betting knowledge and an absolute joy to read. If you are betting man, I am sure you will love this book and it will be your Top1 book you ever read about betting!

Price: It will cost you around 20 euros.

5 / 5 – the best book I have ever read about betting and I won’t expect to find anything better than this. Can’t recommend enough! Buy it and you won’t regret it.
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