Bets recording platforms

Bets recording platforms

Most betting people are mentioning the importance of recording your bets and I absolutely agree with them. Some of you are recording bets in excel file, some of you are using online platforms. There are plenty of free online recording platforms, but I would like to have a closer look at two of them today.
Betmanager (formerly known as betdog). I used betdog few years ago. At the moment it looked one of the best on the market. A few months ago owners of betdog decided to renew platform, changed the name and added few new features. Not all my friends which are using it at the moment are thrilled about new updates but looks that more value was added to the new product.
How does it work? You can create your account for free and keep track of your bets.
Looks pretty straightforward: add your bookmakers, choose your currency (you can use different currencies for different bookies, very useful in my opinion), your starting bank (not mandatory). Most of the games are already added to the system. You just need to choose your game (from the dropdown menu), league, period, add stake, odds, and tipster. Later you can blame tipster for bad performance and not yourself for taking his tips. Usually, bets are settled automatically after the game is finished. But if you are eager to settle your winner quicker, you can do it yourself. Leave the losers to the system.
Under Your statistics tab, you can see you stats by year, month, week or day. You can see your best 10 winning days and worst 10 losing days. You can check your stats by sport and bookmaker too. Quite a few different angles.

New feature added: Tips. Now you can choose to follow specific tipsters, you can post your tips. Seems that betmanager is trying to connect bets recording feature with bet posting and create betting community. I think it is quite nice upgrade compared to the previous model.
At the same time, you can keep your bets just to yourself and do not show to others if you want so. All in all quite nice and easy to use betting tool.
Negative: not all games are added and sometimes you will need to add yourself, especially for minor sports like handball. For example, today from 10-12 handball games only 3 are added. Football shouldn’t be a problem. Once someone adds the game to the system it should be available to others later on. But previously I noticed some mistakes when other people are adding games, like mixing women’s games with men’s, U19 with U21. It doesn’t make a huge difference because you can not analyze your picks by league anyway. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the platform – deeper analyses is not possible.
I would still give them 4 from 5. Worth checking.

Bettingmetrics. Quite a new player on bet recording market. Looks up to date and willing to collaborate with punters, constantly sending emails, asking for help about the improvement of the product.
Very similar to project above. Couple difference I noticed – you can choose unit stake or currency stake and you can import your bets from Betfair Exchange. So you don’t need to add manually. Saves a bit of time.
Not much I can add here. Basic product, simple and easy to use. In the end of the day, you will see your performance by sport and date and that’s it. You can not make deeper analyses of your performance. In the picture below I just added few random bets for better vizualization.

3 from 5 – a simple product which needs a lot of improvement if they want to stand out from the crowd. At the moment just usual average.

Recording your bets is important. But you need to analyze your bets and find your weakest links. And you can’t do proper analysis with these two platforms even they look nice enough. So what do these two bet recording tools are missing? If you want to find out, please Sign up to my Newsletter so you won’t miss an article about most important feature analyzing your bets. The article is coming soon! I will also provide my personal file, which will be available to download for my readers. Stay tuned and bet responsibly.

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