Steve Stevens Sports Handicapping TV Reality Show

Steve Stevens Sports Handicapping TV Reality Show

In most articles, I am trying to explain what you should do to make money. This reality show is absolutely opposite. If you want to make money – DO NOT DO what Steve Stevens is saying!
Steve Stevens is Las Vegas-based businessman who is running tipping service. Americans call it Handicapping service as most Americans bet on handicaps (spreads). The guy is selling his tips. Doing it in posh style – inviting customers to Las Vegas (as gambling is illegal in most US), picking up them with a limo in the airport, showing around and pushing them to place much bigger bets than they can afford to lose. Absolute character!
It is hilarious to watch how Steve Stevens becomes the best friend after winning bet and most hated person after losing a bet. His strategy is to force punter to place as big bet as possible – because he is charging 40% from winnings! If the bet is lost – punter must stomach losses himself. He is not really interested in 500-1000 USD bets, leaves them to his crew. Steve is looking after punters who can place 5000-20000 USD bets. I can’t believe someone could be so stupid to give 40% from the winning bet. America is the land of opportunities.
The real name for this reality show should be – The worst bank management ever, but obviously his business will die with such name.
Having said all this, I really enjoyed series (S1, 8 episodes). The glamor of Vegas sucks you in, no wonder people leave so much money In Vegas. Have a look yourself, I hope you will enjoy as much as I did. You can learn and improve your betting, take what is the best from the series and don’t be charmed by Steve Stevens. And for sure do not sign up with his Handicapping service.

Here is the trailer below, you can find all the series on youtube:


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