Jonas Gjelstad - 26 years old professional bettor from Norway

Jonas Gjelstad – 26 years old professional bettor from Norway

Maybe it is too early to call Jonas a betting legend, but he is definitely not far away with current achievements. Jonas started as a poker player. 19 years old he quit school and moved to Thailand to make a living as a professional poker player. After one successful year in Thailand, he moved back to Norway but didn’t stay long at home. At the moment he lives in London and is fully focused on sports betting. Being only 26 years old he already earned first million and is not stopping here.
His betting style is based on statistics and he will bet on any game he will find an edge against the bookmakers and of course if bookmakers will accept his stakes. From the video, you can see that he is using Sportmarket. Another good recommendation from the real professional for this amazing betting tool.
His ROI for last 2 years is only 3.4%. Would you take that? Or you think he is doing quite poor as a professional? Here comes another number – turnover of $42 million and profit of $1.3 million. How about that? I am sure all of us would take that.
Like I mentioned in one of my articles in the past – margin is not the most important figure in your betting. It also depends on your style. Jonas is doing load betting. I can see from his statistics that some months he has 3000 bets per month – that’s 100 bets per day! For that kind of betting, you need a specific statistical model which will show you value on any game being played. Obviously, he found one and good luck for him!
Looking at the numbers I would guess that his stakes vary between $1500 and $3000+. The bigger value, the bigger the stake.
At the same time, we can see from his stats that even professionals will have losing month or two. But what matters – to come up a winner in the end of the year.
Besides betting, Jonas is working with Tradematesports (ex Edgebet) project. I will write a preview about the current project later. But this project and their calculations is the reason odds dropping on specific games.

Few quotes from Jonas Gjelstad:

Everyone is good and everyone is happy and everyone thinks they are flawless when things are going good. But when you go bad that’s when you can actually learn from your mistakes and that’s when you need to put in hard work.

“Do you play favorites like Chelsea?
“Yes, it happens, but I prefer to bet on underdogs.”

1. Find the best odds! Check with as many bookmaker as possible.
2. Pay attention and stay up to date. When the team layout comes, you should bet before the odds drop.
3. Only play singles (no accumulators).

Simple advices but the ones we should use every day in betting.
And obviously if you are looking for best odds, don’t look any further – Sportmarket is the place to bet. They will accommodate the biggest bets on the market.

Below you can find few videos. At the moment 7 episodes are released (only couple of minute each). The rest you can find on Youtube channel. Enjoy, listen to Jonas’s advices and bet wise!

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