Squares&Sharps, Suckers&Sharks by Joseph Buchdahl

Squares&Sharps, Suckers&Sharks by Joseph Buchdahl

About the author: Joseph Buchdahl is a betting analyst who manages the website www.football-data.co.uk. The website provides historical results, match statistics and betting odds data.
He is also the author of Fixed Odds Sports Betting: Statistical Forecasting & Risk Management (2003) and How to Find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar: The Truth about Sports Tipsters (2013)
Also, you can find Joseph’s education articles on Pinnacle’s Betting Resources. Worth checking!

First of all, people a bit less familiar with betting terms need explanation about descriptions like squares, sharps, suckers and sharks. All of them are used by bookmakers to describe punters and for sure you don’t want to be described as square or sucker.
Squares do not bet with consistency and discipline. They will bet because there is a big event on. They will not know what ROI they have or how much they are losing (they are never winning). They are loved by bookmakers.
Sharps – closest to professional gambler/punter as it can be. He will not bet on random games, he will bet only when he sees value. Usually specializes on specific league.
Suckers – probably can be described as punters who bet on events which are very likely to win but has no value at all (short odds, short odds combos).
Sharks – term comes from a cards games. Usually the one who tries to take advantage against inexperienced players.

A brief review of a book: This book will not provide you winning formula. Quite opposite – will put your down to earth reminding you that you need to work really hard if you want to achieve success in betting.
The author researched few tipping services and most of them have one thing in common – nearly all tipster are receding to the mean. That means tipsters can’t keep 7-10% ROI in the long run and with number of bets increasing they are losing their position and fight against bookies margin. Most of the time I see a bit too much negativity about all tipsters services but can’t disagree with the author. At the same time can’t see successful punter selling his tips and ruining future market for himself.
Personal opinion about the book: Overall book is too long and I had to skip few pages. Most of information could be fit into 100 pages instead of 300. But that’s why not me is writing the book but Joseph Buchdahl.
With all respect to the author it was not my favorite book about betting. Obviously, I can’t argue about Joseph’s knowledge but I can’t say I was waiting for the evening to read this book.
Having said that, I really like his Pinnacle articles.

Price: more than 25 euros.

3/5: I am probably the only one in the world who is not giving 5 stars for this book. All the comments on Amazon are only 5 from 5. Most known traders very well accepted this book too – maybe because they are friends with the author? Opinions differ here. Book is not for betting beginners for sure, it is dedicated to much more advanced punters/sports traders. Even I am sure I am one of them, this book wasn’t my all time favorite.
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