My first month online

My first month online

A few days ago a “celebrated one month anniversary” being online and just wanted to share my first experience.
To cut it brief I absolutely loved it and have got back more than I expected. And still enjoying what I am doing. In first 30 days, I was contacted by quite a few interesting people – founders of some betting tools, punters and traders. Every message from you is a pleasure to answer.
Sometimes you need my advice, sometimes I need yours. This is the place to do it and that’s the purpose of this blog – share our experience and knowledge. In the first month, my blog was visited from 60 different countries, every continent except Antarctica. More than 1100 unique users.

Top 5 read articles for the month (in case you missed it):
1. Is it worth to use paid tipsters?
2. Jonas Gjelstad – 26 years old professional bettor from Norway
3. Betting Legends: Tony Bloom & Matthew Benham
4. Fixed game or fake market?
5. About me

Oh, it is such an honor to be in Top5 with other betting legends:)
I was not surprised to see these articles in Top 5. But one of the purposes of my blog is betting education and I expected that Library will be much more popular. Not so many other blogs have a section about betting books. Obviously, it is up to you and I can not push you, but I would advise to check it – I have read some really good books about betting and will recommend you only a good stuff. A good book never harmed anyone and you can gain only knowledge which you will use for your betting. Read and learn – that would be my friendly advice.

You can also find me on Facebook. On Facebook page, I am sharing some interesting articles too or latest sports news – not written by me, so I can’t share it on my blog. Feel free to Like my Facebook page, so you won’t miss daily posts.
Twitter – I am here as well. So far I am only starting to find my followers on Twitter. In the beginning went through most Tipsters but left disappointed. Of course, I knew it, that most of them are just below average punters but I was bombarded with messages – hey mate, sign here and there and win everything! Haha, that was fun. At the moment unfollowing some muppets and little by little finding more interesting people – mostly traders, guys who are trying to create their own trading/betting models and etc. If you are one of them give me a Follow and I will Follow you back.
Instagram – not sure what I am doing here. Never thought that I will find some readers here but gave a try. Have 80 followers – probably half of them have word “Fixed” in their name. I am sure I will buy few fixed games anytime soon and I will hit a goldmine. Not. Still wondering who on earth would get hooked on this old trick – fixed games. Another part is very colorful – event organizers in Riga, garage sales in Ukraine, and clean blue water foundation. Enough said. The rest are my friends – thanks for support!

So far I fulfilled only small part of my ideas and still have big list of articles I would like to share with you. My list is becoming bigger and bigger. Every day I am adding something to my list, unfortunately, time is limited but I will do my best.
Few big news will be coming in August, I am sure you will like it.
One of them is Premierleague Fantasy – I love it. Can’t wait. I will be running OSG Fantasy League with money prizes, get ready and start analyzing players. Will be fun.
Other news will be announced later on, closer to the start of football season in August.

For now please, Sign Up to my Newsletter and you will not miss a thing! I will not be spamming your inbox, you will only be notified about new posts, maybe an occasional reminder about my blog but no more. If you like what you are reading on my blog, please share it with your mates. Appreciate it! Cheers!


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