Born to punt by Steve Palmer

Born to punt by Steve Palmer

About the author: Steve Palmer is English lad from Weymouth. He was a journalist and had a huge and very loyal following for his regular columns in the Racing Post. At his time he was known as golf expert. As much as I know from my English/Irish colleagues he was successful golf tipster and lines were moving after he was publishing his tips (obviously, if you have big following).
As much as I tried to find any information about him now, I had no success. Not sure what he is doing now.

A brief review of the book: It is Steve’s Palmer’s betting diary. He started to record bets on 1st January in a hope of hitting jackpot. You can follow his journey during whole year. One of the targets in his life to do a “Facespitter”.

Betting primarily on golf and football (and occasionally “horseys”, our “sugar lump loving friends”), his mission is to achieve a £30,000 “Facespitter” (a winning bet so large that you can spit in the face of your boss because you don’t need a job anymore.)

The book is very funny if you love English humor. Bet, pub, junk food are common words in his book. Steve is trying to find a bet every day and so many times he was so close even I felt sorry for the lad. Most of his bets are on golf. Those who are not familiar with this sport – all the outright prices are very high in golf competitions because it is very difficult to predict the winner. Why you were not betting each way, Steve? Why? Even if you are not interested in golf, books suck you in and force to cheer for his bets.
Steve is not the most disciplined punter but will get your sympathy. The guy is trying so hard to fulfill his dream. He deserves readers support. At least I was cheering for him.

Personal opinion about the book: Loved it. Good sense of humor. A couple of times I was laughing out loud. For sure would recommend this book for the ones who are looking to spend some relaxing quality time and do not want to think too much about numbers and formulas.
It is not Soccermatics or Trading Betfair style book. It is more like entertainment and life story of a person trying to win a jackpot. It can be related to most of us – punters. All of us dream of winning the jackpot, isn’t it?

Price: I paid for this book 1 cent. Yes, it is not a mistype. Got it from Amazon for 1 cent + paid €4 for delivery. Used book, but like new. Why pay more?

4/5 – for my British/Irish followers. The book is closer to your culture and jokes are more familiar to you. And you probably already heard about Steve Palmer anyway, so could be a good reminder about this guy.
3/5 – for the ones who don’t like British humor.

P.S Are you going to do “Facespitter” anytime soon?


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