Tradematesports betting tool

Tradematesports betting tool

The idea of my blog is to review and suggest to my readers betting tools helping to improve your betting experience and boost your bankrolls.
Recently I posted an article about Jonas Gjelstad and mentioned his connection to Tradematesports. All week I was testing this product and here is my review.
So what does Tradematesports is offering?
Tradematesports calculates the true odds of the outcome of a sporting event and provides you with all the tools necessary to identify value (or the edge against the market) in sports betting. All you need to do is place the bet. Stake, odds and bookmaker will be suggested for you.
What do you need to use Tradematesports efficiently? First of all, you will need to have 7-9 accounts with different bookmakers. Tradematesports will be sending you information 24/7 on their Tradefeed suggesting the bets you should place. It is not a tipster service. The bets are picked because they have value (edge). The bigger the edge, the bigger the stake is suggested. For stake calculations, they are using Kelly criterion (you can use 30%, 50% or 100% – from the safer approach to riskiest).

First of all, you will need to set up your templates and add some information. You will need to insert your bankroll. I started my test with €3000 bankroll. Choose bookmakers you are able to use – and you will receive information only for the bookies which are suitable for you. Tradematesports are providing information for 35 bookmakers. All well known and widely accessible to most of us. You will need to set up theoretical amounts in all your bookies (which matches your actual bankroll), but after a week or so you will realize which bookies will be most common and which should have more money in the account than others. No doubt you need Skrill account for this – to shift your money in seconds if needed. Why did I mention theoretical amounts? Because all calculations and suggestions for the stake will be calculated from your OVERALL bankroll and not from specific bookmakers you chose balances.
Prices usually do not last forever, but enough time to place the bet for sure. One big positive – once the bet with a price is posted – it is ALWAYS correct price and you can take it. Probably not once you have seen Oddsportal prices and once you go on to the actual website the price has dropped already. This is not the case with Tradematesports. The price is always as it shown. I tested with different bookies and it was always spot on. Perfect!
Templates are already created for you and you just need to choose the one you want to use. You can choose All leagues – absolutely all, even lowest level with low limits. Hence the prices will change quicker and most likely the edge could be suggested not so correct. I would recommend to chose Recommended leagues – stronger, higher liquidity leagues with bigger limits, so even your bets will be like a drop in the sea and not so noticeable for the bookmakers.
Edge – you can choose bets from 1% edge. I would recommend taking bets with 3%+ edge. In this case, you will eliminate small market moves and reduce the number of bets picking most valuable bets. Probably there is no need to mention that choosing 3% edge bets over 1% bets, you have a bigger chance making money.
So, once you receive notification (you just need to click on the sound button, and even being on another tab you will get a notification about new bet) – you need to go to the bookie, place a bet and mark a bet on Tradematesports as placed bet. Bet is recorded in their system. Once the game is finished most bets will be settled automatically (you might need to settle lower level games yourself though). Tip – the quicker you settle your bets, the better system will calculate your amount for the next bet. If you have €1500 in unsettled bets obviously your current bank is much smaller, so calculations for next bet are done accordingly.
With my starting bank of €3000, most of the bets were suggested to be around €40-50 stake. Looks very reasonable. And only a couple of bets with 9%+ edge (which will not happen so often) were suggested being €100+ stakes. With such stakes, you should last reasonably long with specific bookmakers, especially if you chose Recommended leagues.
Analytics and graphs are amazing. On your dashboard and analytics, you can see your profit/loss, balance, ROI, how you are doing at specific bookmakers, you name it – everything is up to highest standards! As always being very picky, I would like to see some stats by market type which is not available.
How much can you expect to win? Depends on how much time you will spend. This product is close to trading I would say. You need to sit at your desktop and spend hours if you want to make money. You will not be able to do it over your mobile phone. It doesn’t work like that. Good thing though – you can sit whenever you have free time and keep on placing bets. The difference with tipsters service here is huge. You don’t need to worry that you missed a bet or required odds. Every minute you will have a new bet with an EDGE. Every bet you place is a bet with an EDGE. So you shouldn’t worry that you will be missing winning bets and picking only losers which very possibly can happen with paid or free tipsters. All the bets you are placing have value against the market.

Will you have losing runs? Of course. It matters only how you will cope with it. That’s why you need to look at the bigger picture (long run) and follow staking plan suggested by Tradematesports.
You will need to spend time placing your bets – the bigger turnover you will have, the more you can win. Having said that I can mention that I was turning over around €2000 from my bankroll per day, spending 3-4 hours probably per day. Not like constantly staring at the screen, just waiting for notifications.
Reasonable ROI over a long period (once again LONG period, not a month or a week) should be 3.5%+. I would say even 5% is very likely. Paid tipsters make 10%? Not out of question, but how much money you will turnover with them?
With my theoretical €3000 bankroll, I was turning over €2000 per day x 20 days (you will not trade every day most likely) = €40000 x 0.035 = €1400 profit.
Wow, even I got excited. You might have bad runs as well, so do not leave your current job yet. Tradematesports bankroll management will keep you alive and won’t let your bankroll collapse during the poor run. But speaking honestly as I always do – I can not see you losing money using this betting tool. If you thinking about using paid tipsters or have no time to analyze one bet for 2 hours and collect information – Tradematesports is for you.
Go over to their website and try 7 days free trial. Guys are very helpful and anything you need just ask them over live chat.
Their blog is the best I have ever seen. If you really want to make money, you need to spend time. Watch videos and read articles, very informative and top notch.

Price for a month for soft bookies is €120 or 3 months for €300.
Price for a month for sharp bookies is €400 or 3 months for €1000.

This is only basic information about an amazing betting tool. I also did test bets for 7 days and my much deeper analysis is coming soon with loads of screenshots and tips. Stay up to date, Sign Up to my Newsletter and you will not miss important information for your wallet and your well being.


    1. Thanks Christian for your opinion. I read it and comments from Marius makes more sense to me – before using this tool you need to spend some time reading their blog, choosing bets/max odds via filters and etc. Obviously, it is personal choice and good to hear different opinions.

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