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Steve Stevens Sports Handicapping TV Reality Show

In most articles, I am trying to explain what you should do to make money. This reality show is absolutely opposite. If you want to make money – DO NOT DO what Steve Stevens is saying!
Steve Stevens is Las Vegas-based businessman who is running tipping service. Americans call it Handicapping service as most Americans bet on handicaps (spreads). The guy is selling his tips. Read More

Betting Legends: Tony Bloom & Matthew Benham

What in common has Brighton FC and Brentford FC? Both playing in English Championship? Correct, but not the main answer. Both clubs are successfully owned by betting legends – Tony Bloom (Brighton) and Matthew Benham (Brentford).

Tony Bloom “The Lizard” – successful property investor, poker player and bettor. He was born in 1970, in Brighton. Since the age of seven or eight, he was Brighton FC supporter and a gambler. According to the man himself, he used to go to arcades and play his pocket money on fruit machines from the very young age. Read More

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