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Does the hot-hand phenomenon exist in sports betting?

“Hot hand” is a word which comes from basketball. It refers to a player who is in good form, who is said to have hot hands. According to perceived wisdom, this player is more likely to be successful with a shot if his previous attempts were successful.

What does this have to do with sports betting, we hear you cry? Well, quite a lot, actually: there is a belief among some that a bettor who has been successful previously has a better chance of replicating that success in the future.

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Every punter deserves holidays. Couldn’t resist posting that picture of ice cold beer.

Even I am on holidays and not really thinking about bets and betting, would like to remind you to Sign up to my Newsletter. The best way to be updated about new posts so you won’t miss important information. New article is coming your way in next few days about my 7 days trial with Tradematesports.

Meanwhile I am going to order another pint. Cheers to the ones enjoying holidays too and to hardworking punters looking for their next winning bet!

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