Betting Terms: ROI and Margin

If you are well-advanced punter, you are already familiar with these terms, but you will find few bits and pieces which are worth your time. If you are just starting your betting life you should find useful information here. I will try to explain few common terms in betting.

ROI – is the return of investment. Other sources define ROI as yield. We are treating our betting as an investment, we need to know what returns we are getting from it. ROI is a good evaluation of your hard work. If it is positive, you are winning. If it is negative – you need to work harder. Calculations of ROI are simple. Read More

Sports betting to win By Steve Ward

About the author: Steve Ward is a trader, performance and psychology coach, trainer and consultant.  He has worked with elite athletes and teams in over 30 sports, financial traders, sports traders, poker players and business leaders. Steve co-managed a large team of over 40 professional traders in London and is a regular trainer at the London Stock Exchange.
Steve Ward is also an author of ‘High-Performance Trading’ and ‘TraderMind’. Read More

Betting Legends: Tony Bloom & Matthew Benham

What in common has Brighton FC and Brentford FC? Both playing in English Championship? Correct, but not the main answer. Both clubs are successfully owned by betting legends – Tony Bloom (Brighton) and Matthew Benham (Brentford).

Tony Bloom “The Lizard” – successful property investor, poker player and bettor. He was born in 1970, in Brighton. Since the age of seven or eight, he was Brighton FC supporter and a gambler. According to the man himself, he used to go to arcades and play his pocket money on fruit machines from the very young age. Read More

Betfair – kings of betting exchanges

Betfair was founded in 2000 by Andrew Black and Edward Wray and it was a genius idea. Betfair is the world’s largest betting exchange.

In 2016 Betfair merged with Paddy Power and formed Betfair Paddy Power. Betfair also has Sportsbook which is usual bookmaker with a big margin. You can compare prices yourself, which one is for you – Exchange or Sportsbook. I have no doubts in most cases Exchanges will kick average Sportsbook’s ass. Read More

Bet365 – always step ahead

Bet365 is based in the United Kingdom, Stoke on Trent. The company is owned by Coates family. Peter Coates had few different businesses and bought a couple of betting shops called Provincial Racing in 1974, which in the future grew to 59 shops. But mastermind of this company was his daughter Denise Coates. It was her idea in 2001 to start an online betting business – William Hill and Ladbrokes were quite hesitant about the online betting idea at this time. She bought domain name bet365.com on eBay for 10 000£. Coates family took 15m £ loan from bank mortgaging all betting shops, sold his shares of Stoke City FC (which later on he bought back) and dived into online betting business. Read More

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian handicap is the most common type of bet and usually used by more experienced punters. The earlier you will start using Asian handicap, the quicker you will notice a difference to your betting bank growth.
Asian handicap is usually known for very tight margin. What is margin? If you don’t know what it is, just click here.
Term “Asian handicap” was invented by journalist Joe Saumarez Smith who at the time was writing about gambling for English and American press. Read More

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