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The definitive guide to Betting Exchanges

About the author: This is another book from Racing Post Expert Series. In the past I already previewed one book from Racing Post – The definitive guide to betting on football by Kevin Pullein. Current book has 7 contributors like Paul Kealy (specialising in boxing, golf, snooker and tennis), Bruce Millington (Sports Editor of Racing Post and regarded as one of the foremost sports betting experts in Britain), Kevin Pullein (football specialist) and others. Read More

My 7 days testing of Tradematesports

My previous article was about Tradematesports betting tool helping you identify value bets. Obviously, the best way to check it, sign up for 7 days free trial and see for me how accurate is information provided on Tradematesports blog.
I started with €3000 starting bank. Chose bookmakers I could use in the future – bet365, 10bet, marathonbet, bovada, 188bet, william hill and pokerstars. Read More

Squares&Sharps, Suckers&Sharks by Joseph Buchdahl

About the author: Joseph Buchdahl is a betting analyst who manages the website www.football-data.co.uk. The website provides historical results, match statistics and betting odds data.
He is also the author of Fixed Odds Sports Betting: Statistical Forecasting & Risk Management (2003) and How to Find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar: The Truth about Sports Tipsters (2013)
Also, you can find Joseph’s education articles on Pinnacle’s Betting Resources. Worth checking! Read More

Fixed game or fake market?

Many times when odds are dropping big time, most people think it is a fixed game or very likely winner. Today we have a perfect example, but only after the game, we can make some conclusions. At the moment I can give my analyses of possible scenarios.
So, 2 Latvian “superpowers” clash tonight in a breathtaking game with probably 27 people watching in the stadium, but a couple of thousand betting on this game and trying to predict the outcome. Read More

The definitive guide to betting on football by Kevin Pullein

This is one of the books from Racing Post Expert Series. For non-British readers, Racing Post might not ring the bell. Racing Post is the biggest British print and online newspaper about betting founded in 1986. Even though horse and greyhound racing take the lion’s share, football is not forgotten here too.
Having lived in the UK for a couple of years, I still remember every August I was looking forward to 100+ pages issue about all British leagues: analyzes and tips for the upcoming season. Read More

Can you be a winning player?

Before you start betting please go through these points and answer yourself – can you say Yes to most of the points mentioned below? If most of the answers are No – don’t even start. You will save some money and most important your health as betting is quite stressful.

First of all, you need to have your betting bank. The betting bank is specifically assigned amount of money for the betting. It is not the money for your bills, it is not the money for your university fees or rent money. It is your money designated to your new business plan, your possible secondary income. Read More

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